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Who is eligible for the program?
Gymnasts that were sexually abused during the course of training or competing in USAG sanctioned events or at USAG facilities by USAG affiliated individuals.

What information is needed to enroll in the program?
Knowing your USA Gymnastics member number will streamline the enrollment process, however it is not required. We will also be able to determine your eligibility for this program with a few pieces of basic information such as:

What if my gym or training facility is now closed?
Your USAG member number is not required for enrollment in this program so your gym closure will not affect your eligibility. You may be asked for the name of your gym or training facility during the enrollment process to help establish your eligibility for this program.

What services are being provided through the Athlete Assistance Fund?
The Athletes Assistance Fund is providing up to 12 counseling sessions with a qualified counselor or mental health professional at no charge for affected athletes.

Can I choose my counselor or does the Athlete Assistance Fund make this selection?
You can choose the counselor or mental health professional or we can help you find one. If you already have a counselor or therapist that you are comfortable with, we encourage you to continue working with them and we will coordinate payment for their services.

Who is paying for the counseling sessions?
The Athlete Assistance Fund will pay for up to 12 counseling sessions with a qualified counselor or mental health professional for affected athletes. PHP is the third party administrator of the Athlete Assistance Fund and will coordinate all billing and payment activity on your behalf.

The Athlete Assistance Fund was established and funded by the National Gymnastics Foundation.

What if I need more than 12 counseling sessions?
The Athlete Assistance Fund has allocated 12 sessions per athlete. Our navigators and care specialists will work with you directly on your unique needs and, if required, help you coordinate continued care through your private insurance or other assistance programs.

Who will be contacting me?
You will be contacted by a member of PHP’s care team. Our care specialists will identify themselves by their name, credentials, and our organization. If you have any doubt about who is contacting you, you may call or email us to verify their identity. You will have one person navigating you throughout this process.

What if I am a sexually-abused athlete affiliated with a different organization?
This fund is specifically set up for USA Gymnastics affiliates. However, there are many national organizations with resources available to help in your healing process. Visit the Resources section of this website for a list of organizations and resources that may offer information to get you the help you need.